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Serving Louisa, Mineral, Lake Anna, Bumpass, and surrounding areas.

In offering sodding, seeding, mowing, or refurbishment of your lawn, our lawn care team is top notch. With organic solutions and technology-driven application equipment, Chiles lawns are the greenest in the neighborhood.

We are passionate about making your lawn look awesome! Licensed and regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia, we use cutting edge precision application equipment in our Comprehensive Turfcare Program to apply the exact products at the exact rates at the exact times resulting in the absolute best lawns in any neighborhood. We also install new lawns from sod or seed, amend the soil, produce final grades, incorporate organics and micro-nutrients, and help you maintain the investment of your green space. We offer mowing services for homes, farms, estates, state and local governments, and property owners associations. We offer complete commercial property management and are certified as a MicroSWAM vendor through the Commonwealth of Virginia on eVA.







Comprehensive Turfcare Program

We offer season-long chemical lawn care programs. This 7 application process incompasses anything and everything a healthy lawn needs for vigor, safety, and sustainable performance. Our team has engineered an environmentally responsible approach that produces outstanding results, all the while reducing pesticide and phosphorus inputs.

The program starts with a split application of pre-emergent for crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, spring fertilizer, organic enzymes, and micronutrients. Summertime brings on fungicides, a state-of-the-art insecticide, and spot treatments of crabgrass breakthrough and nutsedge.

The program concludes in Fall with aggressive, tractor-mounted core aeration, treated premium turf-type fescue seed, fertilizer, high-calcium lime, and winterizing levels of nitrogen to insure a magazine quality wake-up in Spring.

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We ensure the success of your lawn - while caring about nature and its environment.

By the meticulous training of each member of our team as well as advancements in our technology of calibration, we ensure your lawn and turf is looking great and nearby ecosystems remain safe.

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